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CopyStar Printer & Printer Driver Installation for Mac Computers

NOTE:  You must have administrative privileges on your Mac computer to complete these instructions.

Download and Install Kyocera Drivers

  1. On any web browser go to

    Kyocera Download Page
  2. Scroll down to the Mac section of the page and download the driver called Mac OS X 10.5 and up (32/64bt Universal).

    Select Mac Driver Download
  3. A pop-up window titled "Important Information" containing the license agreement will appear.  Read/scroll to the bottom of the window and click "agree".

    Agree to Kyocera License
  4. Before leaving the browser, check the preferred download location so you can find the downloaded file.  It may be on your desktop, in a Download folder or some other folder.
    1. Safari - Click the Safari label in the upper left corner of the screen, select Preferences and select the General icon.  Look for "Save downloaded files to:" for the download location.
    2. Firefox - Click on the Firefox labels in the upper left corner of the screen, select Preferences and select the General icon.  Look for the "Save files to" for the download location.
  5. Locate the downloaded installation file.  Double-click on the file/drive named "Kyocera OS X 10.5+…mpkg" to launch (left below).  The container will expand and display the installation package (right below).  Double-click on the icon to begin install. 
    Kyocera Drive Icon Kyocera Install Expanded
  6. Click continue in the resulting installation window until you come to the Installation Type step.

    Kyocera Macintosh Installer Introduction
  7. Installation Type step.  Enter the username and password of an account on your machine with administrator privileges.  This is probably NOT your UNR NetID and password.

    Enter Computer Administrator credentials
  8. Click Install Software to begin the automated install.  Accept the default settings.
  9. Click Close when you see the following – this means that all of the printer drivers have installed successfully.Installation Complete

Install the Printer(s)

  1. Open System Preferences - Go to the Apple in the upper right corner of the screen.

    Apple Menu

  2. In the System Preferences window, choose the appropriate icon for your OS X version:

    Lion Print Scan Snow Leopard Print & Fax
    Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) Mac OS X 10.6
    (Snow Leopard)
  3. Click on the + at the bottom-left of the Print & Scan (or Print & Fax) dialog.  Select the Add Other Printer or Scanner…

    Mac Add Printer

  4. Control-click anywhere on the toolbar in the Add Printer dialog and choose Customize Toolbar.  (This step is not necessary if an icon labeled Advanced is in the toolbar.) 

    Mac Customize Toolbar

  5. Drag the Advanced gear up into the toolbar and click Done.

    Mac Add Advanced Icon
  6. Click on the Advanced button. Fill in the settings as seen below.  (NOTE: For Snow Leopard, choose Type: Windows.) To assign the driver in the Print Using field, select Select Printer Software… from the drop-down menu.  Then search for the Kyocera CS 6550ci (KPDL) driver, select it and click OK.

    Mac Add Printer Form
  7. After completing the entries in the Add Printer dialog, click Add.
  8. You have now installed the Color printer for the Kyocera Copiers. On a Mac, it is necessary to install a separate, Black & White, driver for the same copiers to avoid getting color charges for grayscale print jobs. Follow the same steps as for installing the color printer, but the Add Printer dialog should look like this (note the change in the URL: field):

    Mac Add B&W Kyocera Printer
  9. When completed, you should have the following CopyStar printers available to you.  Other printers (non-CopyStar) will also appear in the Printers list.

    CopyStar Installed