University of Nevada, Reno

Technology Support

Residence Hall Network

All residence halls at the University of Nevada, Reno provide high-speed Internet access to students living on campus. The University provides the service; no third party providers are involved. 

Follow the steps below:

  1. Activate your UNR NetID (you will need a username/password) to connect to the ResHall network
  2. Get a Patch Cable to connect to the network drop provided.  A 6-foot, Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 ethernet patch cable is required.
    • Cables are available at the Computer Den in ASUN bookstore at the Joe Crowley Student Union.
    • Do not use a phone wire.  Patch cables have a rectangular-shaped plug.  Phone lines have square-shaped plugs.
    • Avoid excessive lengths of cable (e.g., keep the cable under 20 feet) to minimize electronic interference.
  3. Review the Computer Security Checklist - computers found to be insecure or out of compliance with connection policies will be blocked from network access until the issues are resolved. 
  4. Configure the Operating System - machines must have modern (currently supported) operating systems
  5. Register Your Internet Devices - each computer, gaming system and electronic device that connects to the internet must be registered.  Devices not registered will be blocked from the system. 

Acceptable Devices

Unacceptable devices

Unacceptable devices compromise the design and security of the ResHall network.  Unacceptable devices detected on the network will lose access to the network (port and login will be blocked).
Reread the ResHall policy or contact the Help Desk for assistance if you are unsure about whether a particular device is allowed on the network.