University of Nevada, Reno

Technology Support

Equipment for Students

Students at the University will be surrounded by technology of all kinds as part of their educational process and for recreation and relaxation.  The University offers:

Recommended Student Computers

Personal computers used by students at the University need to meet or exceed the minimum standards listed in the table below.  The Computer Den, located in the ASUN Bookstore in the Joe Crowley Student Union, has negotiated special volume discounts with Dell and Apple computer manufacturers.  The Bookstore is a self-supported retail operation owned and operated by the Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN).  The ASUN Bookstore also carries computer-related supplies and accessories at very reasonable prices. 

For Windows computers, choose the Windows 7 operating system.

Important Notes:

Technology CheckOut Services

A wide array of specialized technology is available for checkout to students from the Multimedia Center in the Knowledge Center.  Look for the Equipment Checkout section of the @One page. Equipment includes cameras, displays, portable storage media, lighting and other items useful for producing audio/video class projects. A Student ID card and library privileges are required for checkout. Technology on the @One floor can then be used to edit and polish the raw input into a final project.


The Information Technology Division, Desktop Support Services and the Help Desk DO NOT provide hardware repair services on personally owned computers.  Look for Computer Service & Repair in the Reno/Sparks phone book for local companies.